Porto Conte Ricerche is one of the pivotal players of the Science and Technology Park of Sardinia, and is active in complementary areas of technology: biomarker discovery, diagnostic systems and biotechnologies applied to nutrition and health.
For over 15 years, the Research Centre has been developing and delivering high-tech services to companies engaged in the innovation of their production systems through industrial research, technology transfer and experimental development activities. The organization, as a subsidiary controlled by Sardegna Ricerche, manages the Tramariglio (Alghero) centre of the Science and Technology Park.
The creation of services for companies in the region of Sardinia and the simultaneous development of research products of international interest represent the quality and quantity of the functions performed by Porto Conte Ricerche. The innovation, research and training activities are made possible by regional contributions and by participation in ministerial and community networking programmes with other regional, national and foreign research centres.
In this context, Porto Conte Ricerche has promoted important and durable relationships with the national research system and the entrepreneurial network by creating a productive framework and offering targeted interdisciplinary activities directed to both high-tech and traditional enterprises and R&D partners.
The strategies used for the achievement of the general objectives have allowed to realize a wide selection of services and equipped laboratories, configured as core facilities, which have been made available to the business and scientific context, together with the technical-scientific know-how of their own technologists. Technological laboratories allow the integrated use of experimental methodologies and protocols, aimed at industrial research, and are used for the development of knowledge, processes, products and services in many sectors of biotechnology (biomedicine, agro-industry, environment) and food technologies (quality, market, health, brands).
Porto Conte Ricerche Srl has expanded its research activity towards the research and development of aquaculture since 2006, in the context of a long interaction, mutually beneficial, with local and national fish farmers, feed producers and researchers of internationally renowned reputation.
The researchers at Porto Conte Ricerche have tackled the problems presented by producers exploiting a multidisciplinary approach, in an attempt to give concrete answers based on rigorous scientific methods and optimized experimental protocols. The studies carried out concerned in particular applications of analytical qualitative-quantitative chemistry, monitoring metabolisms by means of metabolomics and proteomics aimed at the study of fish growth parameters, the composition of edible part (fillet, dorsal and ventral muscle, perivisceral fat) and of the organs (liver, kidney).
More recently, thanks to the interaction with other research institutes operating in the sector and with feed industries, the studies have turned to the processing and characterization of the raw materials aimed to the aquafeed industry and to the formulation, characterization and testing of feeds for aquaculture and of their impact in fish wellness and quality, with a particular attention to the formulations for fish species mostly reared in Italy and more generally in the Mediterranean Sea (sea bream, sea bass and trout).

Please visit the Porto Conte Ricerche laboratories: Blue Biotechnology and NMR e Imaging

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