Preliminary program

General Aquaculture
Aquaculture: basic concepts and context
Aquafeed: basic concepts
Applied aquaculture and innovative aquaculture feed production
Farmed fish: objective and perceived quality
Sustainable feed and nutritional wellness of fish: most recent advances

Environmental impact of aquaculture
Aquaculture / Environment Interaction; Management measures for the mitigation of environmental impact; Technologies for the treatment of wastewater (removal of solids, biological systems, compaction, conditioning and storage of sediments); Recirculating systems; Reuse of sediments and by-products; Future prospects and needs for research and development.

Fish Nutrition
General aspects of nutrition applied to fish species commonly grown in the Mediterranean.
Is fish what you eat? Quality of the fillet according to the composition of the feed.
Replacement of fish flours and oils with sustainable alternatives

Overview of the extrusion process; Principles of Extruder Configurations;
The Role of Ingredients in Extrusion Processing; Raw Materials Assessment for Extrusion Processing; The Role of the Preconditioner; The Vacuum Infusion Process; Understanding the Sink / Float Phenomena in Aquatic Feeds

New species

Fish health: ichthyopathology basic principles
Fish health: biosecurity measures with some case studiesFish diseases and pathogenesis
Fish welfare in the farm, during transport and during stunning and slaughtering: a practical approach

Experience sharing from producers
Contributions from companies involved in aquaculture and aquafeed production

Practical sessions and tours
Tours to aquaculture production plants
Hands-on lab: characterizing fish quality
Hands-on lab: understanding RAS systems, managing growth trials

Research and development sessions
Modern molecular approach to the characterization of fish biology in intensive farming
Quality and traceability: the role of metabolomics
Gut absorption and fish microbiome
Sea Urchin, sea cucumber



Dennis Forte - Dennis Forte and Associates PVT. LTD.
Marco Saroglia - Università dell'Insubria
Alessandra Roncarati - Università di Camerino
Andrea Fabris - Associazione Piscicoltori Italiani (Director)
Fabio Brambilla - VRM Srl Naturalleva
Vincenzo Zonno - Tecnosea / Università del Salento
Fabio Cotogni - Coop Vivarium
Genciana Terova - Università dell'Insubria
Paolo Melotti - Università di Camerino
Riccardo Melis - Porto Conte Ricerche
Silvia Siliani - Porto Conte Ricerche
Roberto Anedda - Porto Conte Ricerche

Hands-on laboratory activities will be carried out by the researchers and by the expert technologists of Porto Conte Ricerche, in the presence of some panel teachers

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