Hall and services

The Auditorium occupies an area of ​​about 310 square metres at one end of the guest house building and has a seating capacity of up to 200. 

The setup, designed to be adaptable to various types of events, comprises audio and video communication equipment, booths for simultaneous translation, control and direction systems, etc. It can be used in conjunction with the Neptune room (about 100 seats), via a video conferencing system. 

Equipment and services included:      

  • air conditioning
  • window blinds
  • 1 presidency table with chairs, 1 lectern, 200 upholstered seats with document rack
  • sound system with fixed and mobile microphones
  • projector
  • screen    
  • overhead projector
  • laser pointer  
  • 1 laptop PC  
  • wireless Internet connection (2 access connections for the speaker and secretary)     
  • technical assistance in the room

Other equipment and services on request:            

  • secretarial desk
  • telephone line and phone
  • audio/video link with Neptune room
  • lapel microphone
  • flipchart and markers 
  • slide projector
  • 28” colour TV with remote control
  • audio cassette recorder
  • audio/video recording with fixed video camera
  • audio/video recording with mobile video camera
  • two-sided display panel for posters of up to 100 cm in width        
  • organisational office
  • signs and posters   
  • stationery and photocopies
  • shuttle service
  • catering service
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07041 Alghero (SS) Italy
​​Postal address: Porto Conte Ricerche S. r. l. - Casella Postale 84 07040 Santa Maria La Palma (SS) – Italy
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